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For over 20 years, Microforum has provided the highest quality plastic manufacturing and printing services for a variety of purposes, including loyalty cards, gift cards, music download cards, hotel key cards, ID cards, phone cards, web access cards and more!

Microforum is a full-service card manufacturer, offering everything from graphics preparation to the delivery of the final product, to specialty services like fulfillment. Microforum is a solutions provider dedicated to superior quality, technological innovation, and the best customer service in the industry.

Check out some of our card products below...
Music Download Cards

Our iSongCard service provides a vehicle for independent music distribution that delivers what many fans and artist want - an easy-to-use, convenient, and powerful platform for music and audio delivery!

You may receive your iSongCard at an event, bundled with a product, or, even from a band or artist's merchant table directly after a show!

Music. It's in the Cards.

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Access Cards

Let authorized guests in, keeps others out! Access cards provide a level of security for your industry and your clients. Provide keyless entry into parking garages, workplaces, and hotel rooms in an easy, safe and secure way.

For the first time -- and every time, your tenants, lodgers, employees and guests will have peace of mind, and an everlasting impression of your business.
Business Cards

Plastic business cards look and feel like credit cards, so your customers will perceive them to have a higher value - and they are less likely to discard them.

Plastic business cards provide a high impact for a relatively small investment. Leave behind a business card that is durable, retains its beauty, will not wrinkle, and help you stand out!
Gift Cards

There's no better gift than one that you can choose yourself! Gift cards allow customers to pick a selection from your store - cash free. Retain the loyalty of existing customers and let them introduce you to their friends!

Build brand awareness, every time they open their wallet! Attractive, unique, and distinctive, gift cards are perfect for any business - retailers, restaurants, florists, salons, spas, and more. Gift cards can be used with or without a computerized P.O.S. system and can be adapted and customized to your already existing computerized system.
ID Cards

Protect your business or facility by identifying exactly who belongs and who doesn't. With demand for security at an all time high, it's critical for employees, students, visiting VIPs, and anyone setting foot on your grounds to be quickly and easily identifiable.
Integrated Cards

Streamline your processing! Include a plastic card on a registration form for easy registrations. Easy, faster and cost effective, there's no better way to sign someone up for membership at your club than printing the card and carrier with exact matching information all at the same time.
Internet Access Cards

Web access cards serve as a signpost to your cyber spot. They offer unparalleled new marketing and promotional opportunities by providing your clients with the ultimate in privacy and security. Let them shop your website, subscribe to your online magazine and purchase valuable information, all without the need for credit cards and personal information. Your customers can enjoy total anonymity as they download music, entertainment and much more.
Loyalty Cards

Take your customers to a whole new level by offering them special privileges, discounts and incentives. Attract new customers and reward existing customers as you build brand awareness. Show your customers how much you value them each time they purchase your product or service. Whether you offer a free weekend getaway, an upgrade to their hotel room or a free dinner, loyalty cards reward them with the VIP treatment all the way.
Membership Cards

Whether a club, association or organization, membership cards provide your members both secure identification and special privileges. Unique and distinctive membership cards show your members how much you value them and entitle them to special, valuable offers. They will feel like a VIP every time they open their wallet.
Phone Cards

A long distance calling card that works as a marketing tool, phone cards allow them to make long distance calls, cash and credit free. They provide cost savings, convenience and privacy. Pre-paid phone cards are a lucrative point-of-purchase market as well as an effective marketing tool including premium incentives, fundraisers, traffic builders and a way to show appreciation for their business. Connect with your customer every time they take their card out of their wallet to make a call.
Personalization Options

Give your card a personalized touch. Add individual serial numbers, names, or any other information you need to each card. Custom text can be digitally printed on each card.

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We accept art files in many different formats, however, the preferred format is High Resolution CMYK PDFs.
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